GAPCG conducts two retreats yearly, Spring and Fall.
It's total immersion with friends who have the same love of polymer clay that you do. It's playing with clay as much as you want for three full days [and nights!]. Sharing fun and laughter with great people; learning and sharing techniques, projects, stories and good times.


The Retreat is a gathering of members of the GAPCG for the purpose of coming together to work on existing projects, begin new projects, experiment with new techniques, and to learn from one another.
This is a very casual atmosphere where there is very little structure/schedule and everyone is free to come and go as they please.


Spring 2018

The weekend of April 27-29; from 9am on Friday morning until 6pm on Sunday evening.
There is an optional EARLY ARRIVAL beginning at 3pm on THURSDAY (4/26/2018). If you would like to arrive early there is an additional fee (TBA) – which is payable in CASH at the time of your arrival on Thursday.

Fall 2018

The weekend of October 25-28; from 9am on Friday morning until 6pm on Sunday evening.
There is an optional EARLY ARRIVAL beginning at 3pm on THURSDAY (10/25/2018). If you would like to arrive early there is an additional fee (TBA)– which is payable in CASH at the time of your arrival on Thursday.


Salem Campground. Salem Road, Covington, GA

We will NOT be camping.
You can go to the following link to see pictures of the facility:
or here to see previous retreat pictures:

Salem Campground in Covington.


Why not? Because all creative yearn to spend time learning and sharing from other like minded/spirited individuals.


Paid members of GAPCG whom register within due dates following this link: Registration Form and pay the retreat cost as stated on the Registration Form.


Delicious southern buffet style meals are prepared for us on Friday night (dinner only), Saturday (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) and Sunday morning (breakfast only).
Meals times are noted below and will also be posted in the dining area.
Beverages served with meals are Coffee, Iced Tea (sweetened & Unsweetened), & Water.


  • Friday Dinner (6pm): TBA
  • Saturday Breakfast (9am): TBA
  • Saturday Lunch (1pm): TBA
  • Saturday Dinner (6:30pm): TBA
  • Sunday Breakfast (10am): TBA
Please note: We will have access to a refrigerator, coffee maker, and ice. You are encouraged to bring snacks for yourself and/or to share as just in case you get hungry outside of the scheduled mealtimes.


  • We have more than one Oven. – The guild oven and members who kindly offered to bring hers.
  • There will be a Buffer – [Connie or Roxanna]
  • CHAIR cushion/pad. The chairs are old-fashioned, ladder-back chairs. They are pretty and suited to the motif, but they are NOT kind to the behind :-) One retreat-goer last year had their own, light-weight, comfy, folding chair that they brought with them. That is certainly an option.
  • Your supplies for the demos – I’ve attached the list just in case you need it. Participation in the demos if fun & interesting, but not required.
  • Medications - if you have medications that you take regularly, don't forget to bring those.
  • LINENS - bed linens, blanket, pillow/pillow-case, bath towels, wash cloths, etc.
  • EXTENSION CORD - If you plan to use a motor with your pasta machine, or an ott-lite, be sure to bring an extension cord.
    Also, please know that outlets are limited so you may not be able to use it all of the time. We also don’t want 22 motors running at one time either! I’m hoping that motors will be used sparingly and if/when you’re working on a larger project.
  • Baking tiles, card stock, or index cards that you can use to bake on and/or transport your work with. I have a box of cardboard rectangles that can be used to transport work and/or bake on. If you don’t have room to pack these, don’t worry!
  • USUAL clay tools: pasta machine, blade, work surface, sanding supplies (sanding sponges, bowl, cloth)
  • Notebook/pen - you may want to make notes
  • Vanity items: shampoo, deodorant, soap, lotions, etc.
  • Adult beverages - if you choose.
  • Comfy clothes, pajamas, sweater? (some say we keep the work-space too cool :-)
  • Snacks, beverages, gum, etc - in case you want something outside of meal times.
  • Plenty of clay - for any projects you're planning to work on, and/or any techniques that you may see someone working on and decide you want to try! – Don’t freak out if you forget something. Odds are someone else has what you need and can let you borrow. Also the craft stores aren’t far!
  • Chargers for your electronic devices (cell phones, tablets, etc)
  • JUST FYI – There are no TVs, but there is now WI-FI. Just know that the WI-FI does not always have the best signal.
  • MUSIC – Many have inquired about the option of having music in our workspace. I am going to ask that if you would like to listen to music that you bring earbuds/headphones so that you can listen when you like and to what you like. We have such a diverse group that we would surely not please everyone’s musical tastes.
  • As at previous retreats, I will have carts available for you to help transport your things from the car into the hotel.

PLEASE watch for signage as you arrive. We are not supposed to park at the church, but rather in the gravel lot that belongs to the motel. There is a RAMP to use to enter which makes for easier unloading/loading. Just park there, get unloaded, and then move your car so others can access the ramp.

Everyone always seems so willing to share their supplies at these retreats – which I LOVE! Because of this it would be a great idea to MARK your tools in some way. Many people simply use an odd-colored nail polish to either put a stripe, dot, or initials on their things to make them easy to identify.

I’m sure that there are items that I’ve not thought to mention here. Feel free to reply to the group with additional reminders.

Just FYI - If you are not familiar with the area. We will only be about 5 miles from a Michaels, JoAnns, and a Hobby Lobby - IF you realize that there is something that you NEED and want to go purchase.

Retreat Coordinator: Jennifer Jacobs